Need to add to your Order after Delivery already came?

You placed an order online for what you thought would be a sufficient amount of bins. You received your order and got to work on packing up your house. But you soon realized that you might have misjudged just how much stuff you have! You just have to Add to your Order and we will deliver your additional items. We can arrange to get them to you within the next 48 hours.

There will be a Delivery charge for $1 per km, however you will NOT incur a second pick up charge, as we can obviously pick up everything at once.

Once that is paid, you can schedule a time and get you back on track for packing! We always encourage people to get a few extra bins more than what they think that they will need, prior to placing their order. It is a very common practice to underestimate how much stuff you have. We have way more items to pack up than we think!

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