Our Story

Pack ’n Stack Moving Bin Rentals is locally owned by a woman named Carrie.
Say Hi to Carrie!

Carrie is a single momma with 3 kiddos, and runs 3 home based businesses.
Crazy we know!

Originally from Burlington, she moved to Grimsby in 2009 and fell in love with the community and love the Niagara region. Carrie also owns another rental business called Jack of all Spades since 2007 – it is still going strong today!  Additionally she teaches women how to start their own Bin Rental Business with Carrie’s Courses!

How PACK ‘N STACK Moving Bin Rentals was Created

Just in 2019 Carrie decided to branch out and start offering Moving Bin Rentals as she noticed that there was a need in her area.
As usual, unique and useful businesses tend to be saturated in the Toronto and Mississauga areas, but there weren’t too many
businesses offering this sort of thing in the Niagara & Hamilton regions.

So Carrie saw an opportunity to help her community get
what they need, vs. paying high prices for out of town companies to deliver these bins.

Both Regions are in a high growth period, and the building of new homes is just crazy. Many people were coming from out of town,
to move to these two beautiful regions. Therefore, these people are in need of an easy and convenient way to pack up their house.
And that is where Carrie comes in!

Carrie recognized how stressful moving was for anyone whether they were a student, a newlywed couple, empty nesters, or a
family of 9 – like herself! It never gets easier, and in fact as you age, people just tend to accumulate more and more stuff, right?!

She likes the name of the business because it accurately describes her product. You can stack the moving bins, so they take up less
room and are easy to fit into a moving truck without having to be a Tetris star.

Carrie’s Awful Memory
Of Her Last move

The last time Carrie moved, she only had 2 kids and at the time they were 2 years old and
5 months old. Ouch. She remembers very clearly how difficult showings were, how
difficult it was to find time to pack, and how hard it was to find babysitters during moving
day. The entire process was dreadful and she doesn’t plan on moving any time soon!

She also remembers how hard it was to find enough cardboard boxes to fit everything.
She found herself carrying random small items to the moving truck, or just chucking
things into big garbage bags, because she ran out of the free boxes from the LCBO and
grocery store very quickly.

She severely underestimated how much stuff she had, and never considered how much stuff
a baby and toddler has. She thought the 25 random sized boxes (some without lids)
would do to pack up a 3 bedroom house. She probably could have done with another 25
to be honest! It was such a disaster!

She couldn’t understand how people would pay for new cardboard boxes, only to throw
them out a week later, and couldn’t justify that needless expense. If these totes were
around back then, she would have been in heaven! It sure would have simplified the
entire moving process and made life much more organized.

Live and learn!


Moving is a necessity of life, and Carrie is all about making life easier. She has designed a fool proof method for deliveries, where
the customer is in total control of the day they get their delivery of totes. They get to even pick their one hour window of time to
expect their order. What other company does that? None of this “be home between 8am and 5pm to expect your delivery!”
Carrie appreciates how little time we all have each day, and how busy life can be whether you are single or have a family.

Don’t know how many bins to get? Carrie will help!
Our simple to use tool, will tell you exactly how bins you require based on your customized situation.

Feel free to call or text Carrie at any time to discuss your needs. She gives that personal touch by directly communicating with her
customers rather than being passed down to the “next available agent” on the phone.
Support a local family business, and de-stress now!

Let Carrie help ease your stress as much as possible during this exciting but stressful time.

Rent our sanitized, large, durable bins to help with your moving needs.

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