Which is Cheaper – Cardboard or Bins?

Believe it or not, in many cases, our Bins are actually more cost affective than purchasing new cardboard boxes! And there are a million positives to renting bins, and a million negatives to buying cardboard. Ok, maybe not a million – but we feel so strongly about it that we need to show you what […]

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What do you do with your Damaged Bins?

When it is time to retire a bin due to damage or just wearing down over time, we have a new purpose for them! Since they are made out of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), we are able to take them to a recycling plant and they make them into new HDPE items.  We can recycle […]

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I thought Plastic was bad for the Environment?

Some people ask us, “How can you say that your Bins are environmentally friendly when plastic is not environmentally friendly?” This is a great point to make, and one we love to answer. Our bins are made from 100% recycled plastic, and can be used up to 400 times before needing to be recycled. So […]

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Why not just find FREE cardboard boxes?

Finding free cardboard boxes is a more affordable solution than renting our bins, correct. But other than that, the price factor will probably be the only positive thing about it. If the cost is your only deciding factor, then yes! Go dumpster diving and find yourself some used, soggy, dirty cardboard that is free. Then […]

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Isn’t Recycling Cardboard good for the Environment?

Recycling Cardboard is only done about 25% of the time by Canadians (surprising isn’t it?).  And for the 25% that we try to recycle, that cardboard could be rejected if too much tape is on them.  Plus all the tape is thrown away too which just creates excess waste.  All of that tape and the […]

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