I thought Plastic was bad for the Environment?

Some people ask us, “How can you say that your Bins are environmentally friendly when plastic is not environmentally friendly?” This is a great point to make, and one we love to answer. Our bins are made from 100% recycled plastic, and can be used up to 400 times before needing to be recycled. So we found a way to re-purpose plastic.

The difference is that cardboard is good for 1-3 times and then needs to be discarded.  Sure you can recycle some cardboard, but 75% of it ends in a landfill.  Our Bins are super Eco-friendly and have a much much longer shelf life. And it’s used from recycled plastic as we mentioned so this plastic already exists. We have just found a way to re-purpose plastic, which was already produced. You will not find our Bins in a landfill because we recycle our Plastic Bins 100% of the time.

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