Isn’t Recycling Cardboard good for the Environment?

recycling cardboard

Recycling Cardboard is only done about 25% of the time by Canadians (surprising isn’t it?).  And for the 25% that we try to recycle, that cardboard could be rejected if too much tape is on them.  Plus all the tape is thrown away too which just creates excess waste.  All of that tape and the cardboard that was not recycled will need to be incinerated or landfilled.

Recycling cardboard also uses a lot of energy, fuel, and water. It also deteriorates the environment since trees have to be cut down to manufacture them. Only to be discarded which increases corrugated waste after 1- 2 uses. Cardboard makes up to 10% of urban landfills and recycling cardboard takes 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard!

For each cardboard that is recycled, 40% is used to make a new one, and 60% is non useable sludge. This sludge is then burned and it releases C02 emissions into the atmosphere, or dumped in a landfill. So no, cardboard is NOT good for the environment!

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