COVID-19 Precautions

Process Changes

  1. Cleaning & Sanitizing Process
  2. Delivery Protocol
  3. Pick up Protocol

Cleaning & Sanitizing

We have always cleaned and sanitized our bins after each use. That process has not changed, as we use a cleaning solution that will get rid of any trace of the previous customer. We also put our bins into a quarantine believe it or not, for a full week. Studies show that the virus may live on plastic for up to 3 days, but we extended this to 7 as an extra precaution. So you can bet on your bins to be clean and sanitized upon their arrival.

Delivery Protocol

Once your bins have been sanitized at our shop, a new pair of gloves will be put on to load them into our vehicle, and another new pair will be worn to carry them to your front door.

Delivery personnel will always maintain 2 metres from you if you happen to be outside upon delivery. They will also be wearing masks at all times (as long as there is a mask mandate in place), and will not require you to sign anything.

You can choose to either have it delivered on your porch, inside your front door (no further than 2 metres from the door), or inside your garage.

Pick up Protocol

Instead of us retrieving your bins inside your home, you can leave your bins on your porch for us to pick up. You will know exactly when we are coming, so can put them outside just before we come. Alternatively, leaving them in your garage with the door open, also works. We will always maintain a 2 metre distance from you.

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