Can I leave the Bins outdoors while I unpack the rest?

We strongly advise you to NOT leave the bins outdoors at any time. Instead we advise you to keep them indoors or at least in your garage.  Outside they are exposed to the elements of the sun or rain or snow, which wear down our bins and get them extra and unnecessarily dirty and dusty.  There is a deep cleaning fee of $2 per bin charged to your credit card on file if they come back excessively dirty. They are also susceptible to theft this way.  There is a $125 fee for each missing/damaged bin, so you do the math if you consider how much you would be charged if a bunch went missing!  Keep them indoors in your care at all times, and do not leave the bins outdoors.

An alternative for you if you have completely run out of room inside your home, is to ask us to do a Partial Pick up. There will be an additional Pick up fee, but it might be worth it to you. After paying for the extra Pick up fee, you can go ahead and schedule a time for us to come back.

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