I am behind schedule and need more time to Unpack my Bins!

We recommend that if you know you are going to need more time to unpack, that you Request an Extension right away! We will charge you a daily rate of $0.30 per bin, and obviously no extra delivery or pick up charge.

However, if the bins are not available and are already spoken for by another customer, unfortunately we do not have any choice but to cancel that request, and stick with the prearranged date. We know this will be upsetting and disruptive to you as you are probably overwhelmed with all of the unpacking, but someone else has previously ordered those very bins.

We based our availability for other customers off of your original Rental Period. We will work with you as much as we can, but we must manage all orders accordingly. We encourage you to get in touch with us the moment you realize you are behind schedule to avoid disappointment. Or just book an extra week more than you think you might need, to give yourself some wiggle room.

In the extreme, and we mean extremely rare event, that you right out refuse for us to return to pick up the bins after we told you that we cannot allow an extension, we will have no choice but to start charging you double the daily rate until you allow us to come grab them. Please refer to our Rental Agreement that describes this in better detail. This has not happened yet, but we know at one point in our career it will, so we are just being prepared. Most people are quite reasonable, but there is always that one person that we need rules like this for!

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